Almaciga herbal medicine




Agathus alba (Lam.) Foxw.

Dammara alba Lam.

Agathis loranthifolia Salisb.

Dammara rumphii Presl.

Podocarpus philippeanus Benth.

Agathis borneensis Warb.

Agathis beccarii Warb.

Agathis celebica Warb.

Agathis macrostachys Warb.

Local names: Adiangau (Bik.); alinsago (Ig.); almaciga (Sp.); alintagau (Ig.); aninga (Ig.); anano (S.L., Bis.); anting (Neg.); aringa (Klg.); bagtik (Kuy.); balau (C.Bis.); baltik (Tagb.); bidiangau (P.Bis.); badiangau (P.Bis.); biayo (Bis.); bunsog (Ig.); buntog (Ig.); dadiangau (C.Bis., Tag.); dadungoi (Bik.) dinar (Bag.); gala-gala (Tag., Tagb.); ladiangau (Bik., Tag.); makau (C.Bis.); olinsago (Ig.); salang (Neg.); saleng (Neg.); salong (Tag., Bik.); titau (Ting.); uli (Sbl.) uningat (Ilk.).

Almaciga is almost invariably present in the primary forests, chiefly at medium and higher altitudes, from the Babuyan Islands and northern Luzon to Palawan and Mindanao, and in most other islands and provinces. It also occurs in Indo-China, through the Malay Peninsula, and from the Archipelago to the Moluccas. Continue reading “Almaciga herbal medicine”

Varnish from Almaciga

Varnish from Almaciga


Researchers at the Forest Products Research and Development Institute in Los Baños, found

that resin from almaciga is a good material for varnish. Several formulas were studied to find

the best varnish from almaciga resin. The tree in soft and usually used for Christmas tree. It

grows abundantly in Regions 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10. Six formulas were tried using powdered resin melted in 95% ethyl alcohol or lacquer thinner wtih lumbang oil.


This type of varnish is hot and cold resistant. It is not significantly affected with hot coffee or

cold softdrinks poured on it.


It is hoped that this resin will become popular because of its simple and cheap preparation.



Source:tekno tulong