You’re truth or my truth.

You’re truth or my truth.

In the latest tragedy that struck the Philippines on which 44 SAF members were left dead, most of as or even all of us seeks justice. We want to know whose fault it is that lead the gallant 44 to their deathbed.

One trait that human nature developed through the years to protect itself is by pointing the fault to others. Napenas the SAF commander told the senator that it’s the military’s fault by not providing artillery support, AFP responded by saying it’s the SAF’s fault by not coordinating to them ahead of the time. Napenas then said he was instructed by Purisima not to coordinate with the military ahead of time. Purisima’s reply is that it was not an order but an advised. Other senators then blame Pres. Pinoy by letting Purisima run the show. Others said it’s the fault of MILF by harbouring a terrorist and shooting at the SAF.

In the end of the day it is a battle of you’re truth versus my truth because everyone believes that they are saying the truth and they know the truth. To some extent even people who are not involve in the operation believes that they know the truth.

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