Where to buy raspberry pi ?

Where to buy raspberry pi ?

A few months ago I was intrigued about a certain gadget called “Raspberry pi” they said it is the smallest and cheapest computer out there. So, after some research i was amazed on how flexible the raspberry pi is, you can us it as a simple computer, a media box, controller, server and a lot more but my favourite functionality of the raspberry pi is that you can convert it as a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

As a kid I didn’t have a chance to play arcade games, coming from a poor family I am just contented watching others play it for I don’t have the money to pay. I told myself, when I was young I was deprived of this entertainment and to compensate for it I will try to build my own Arcade by using Raspberry Pi. So , i bought a raspberry pi b+ a few months ago and due to my busy schedule it was just a week ago when I started to load raspbian (the OS of raspberry pi) on my Raspberry Pi. Hopefully, maybe after 3-6 months I have my own arcade box. I will post it here once it is completed.

To connect my story to my title, i bought my raspberry pi through OLX the seller if i can remember correctly is metanglaw. The unit cost me 2200 pesos and you also need to buy a micro disk and a power supply for your raspberry pi.

By the way, there is a new raspberry pi in the market. The raspberry pi 2 have twice the memory (1 gb) and also it have a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU and backward compatibility with the first generation raspberry pi.

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