Where to buy 3D Printer in the Philippines

Affordable 3D printers are now available in the Philippines. A few years back if you want to buy a 3D printer you need to import it abroad. There are a lot to choose from but usually it cost more than 2 000 US dollars. If you are a techie guy, Geek or the likes owning a 3D printer would be a dream come true.  Just imagine the different toys, gadgets, props and costumes that you could  make . Make a design on you computer and let the 3D printer make it to reality.

CD-R  king is now selling 3D printers worth 100,000 pesos but knowing the quality of CD-R king products would you spend 100,000 for a 3D printer? If they will give a 1 year warranty then probably people will be enticed to buy from them. But if you really want to buy affordable 3D printer then try Puzzle box 3D printer philippines, they have a facebook account https://www.facebook.com/PuzzleBoxPH and their 3D printer cost around 40, 000 pesos.  If you want to order abroad you could try printrbot the cheapest 3d printer they have is 399 US dollars.

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