Tubli (Derris) is a low bush that provides insecticides against plant lice, yellow aphids, flies, caterpillars, and ticks, fleas, chicken fleas and others.


This is known to be used as fish poison, as traditionally done here and in Indonesia, but this is not legal because it kills the big fishes and their offspring. Tubli is poison to cold blooded creatures like insect insects like insects and marine organisms.




A. Ticks, fleas of cats and dogs

1. Dried tubli roots; chop and pound until pulverized.

2. Strain fine

3. Mix: 6 parts tubli powder and 4 parts talcum powder.

4. Powder on the affected cat or dog.


B. Aphids, lice and others

1. Fresh tubli roots: pound, put in water so as to get the juice

2. Spray the solution on affected plants.


Keep this away from your aquarium


From: PCARRD Farmnews Nov. 30, 1985, tekno tulong

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