Makabuhay (tubli)


An excellent source of insecticide In a research conducted by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural resources Research & development (PCARRD) at the U.P Los Baños, it was found out the juice of 50 grams of makabuhay for 1.25 liters water can control rice green leafhoppers, insect

that bring the virus of the disease in palay.


There are various ways of using makabuhay. One is by soaking the roots of the play seedlings

in the makabuhay solution 24 hours before planting. Another is by broadcasting the juice of

the makabuhay on the play seedlings.


The effect of these is almost the same as that of carbofuran, a chemical insecticide against

leafhoppers. Two kilograms of ground makabuhay can also be broadcast in a square meter of field 10 days after plowing. This is the same as broadcasting carbofuran which is effective 5-7 days after

application. Besides its use as insecticide, makabuhay is also used in the relief of stomach ache

indigestion, diarrhea, ulcer, parasites, and malaria.


From: Malaya Sept 12, 1988

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