A group of researchers made investigations on different ways of controlling namely plant

insect pest by our farmers in 13 provinces of the various regions, namely: Quezon, Palawan,

East Samar, Claveria (Misamis Oriental) Argao (Cebu) and Cotabato. The following are their



1. Madre De Cacao

Ilocos Norte – broadcast the fresh leaves where there are insect pests about 5 kilos per 100 square meters area

-after transplanting rice, this is sometimes done and is effective for about one week.


Cotabato – the juice is extracted form the leaves, mixed with chemical pesticides and sprayed on affected plants

-finger sized stems and branches are thrusted into rice fields and at mouths of water sources.


2. Derris (Tubli)

Ilocos Norte – a spoonful of juice from the leaves is mixed with one liter of water

(4ml/l) and sprayed. This is effective up to one week.


Cotabato – the roots are bunched together as big as a man’s arm, about a foot long, and buried first for a week. Then this is pound, its juice extracted and sprayed on affected plants.

-the juice is also mixed with 10 tobacco leaves and one-half liter kerosene, then mixed in one drum of water.


East Samar- one part of the root’s extract is mixed with 3 parts water and sprayed on all kinds of plant pests.


3. Red Pepper

Ilocos Norte – 2 spoonfuls of juice mixed in one gallon water and sprayed on caterpillars. (worms) (7.9mg/l)


Cotabato – 1 spoonful of crushed pepper in 1 gallon water, soap, and concocted tobacco leaves


Benguet and Nueva Ecija – pepper juice with tobacco is sprayed on affected vegetables.


East Samar – pepper juice drives away rice insect pests


Batangas & Cavite – pepper and crude oil for rats:

– wild pepper is placed in stored grains.


4. Makabuhay

Benguet and Nueva Ecija – makabuhay juice is placed where rats go or pass.


Quezon & Dagupan – makabuhay juice with yellow ginger and onion is sprayed,


5. Other ways

Claveria – string beans are planted with rice. This repels play pests.

– peanuts is planted with play. The peanut spider eat the larvae of the insect


– Tanglad is planted with rice.


From: Greenfields January 1990

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