TOGA weight loss procedure

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Who doesn’t want a body like Angelina Jolie or Hugh Jackman?

For an obese like me (yes, I admit) , these is almost an impossible dream.

I love to eat and for me it’s a crime to say no to a delicious meal.

There is a lot of people who don’t have food to eat, so why should I shy away with this blessing?

I don’t want to exercise.

I live in a tropical country, by just standing still could break you some sweat.

I hate incision and I don’t want to be cut open and have a gastric bypass surgery.

Diet pills? Well, i’m afraid of the side effects…decreased libido.

Well, that narrows my choice of weigh loss procedure to……. NONE.

Until recently, there is another choice to be… TOGA (transoral gastroplasty)

The procedure doesn’t need an incision.

They will pass the instrument through your mouth and staple within your stomach to make it much smaller.

Once the upper part is smaller when you eat it will give you a sense of fullness that will lead to less food intake.

End result is gradual weight reduction.

The procedure still not approved but in a few years for sure this will be the “IT’ in weigh loss procedure.

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