Pangasius contract growing

Pangasius contract growing

Vitarich is a company well-known for their poultry contract growing and aqua feeds. Years back (70-80’s) vitarich poultry feed is very popular that even hog growers used to feed it to their animal. Currently Vitarich is into the hog feeds, aqua feeds, specialty feeds (panabong), poultry and livestock. And they are now venturing in Pangasius contract growing.

Here is an excerpt of an article taken from Manila bulletin online by Melody M. Aguiba tackling the details of the said program.

Vitarich has set up three schemes with pangasius farming entrepreneurs — contracts for growing, contract to buy, and contract for commercial growing. Continue reading “Pangasius contract growing”

Pangasius as a Business – Palaisdaan

Pangasius as a Business – Palaisdaan.

I have first heard of pangasius fish from one veterinary friend of mine. According to her this fish is very suited in our country and the demand is high especially in restaurant and fast food. Pangasius fillet is very in-demand also in the USA, Spain and Russia. Continue reading “Pangasius as a Business – Palaisdaan”