Revised Proverbs – Text Joke

D wise

never marry.

When they do

they become



Behind every


man there is

a woman

and behind every

unsuccesful man

there are two!


Love thy neighbor

but don’t be



Success is a

relative term.

It brings a lot

of relative…

Project, Miracle of Life

Project, Miracle of Life

Nanay: Langya! Anak buntis ka?

Anak: Opo nay…

Nanay: Cnong my gawa nyan?

Anak: Nay, project po ito tungkol sa miracle of life.

Nanay: Punyeta! Kahit b cnong poncio pilato ang bumintis sa iyo pakkulong ko. Sbhin mo! Cno?

ANak: Nay… madame po eh… Group project kasi…