Medicinal uses of lagundi



 Luzon: Dabtan, Dangla, Kamalaan, Limo-limo, Lingei, Lingo-lingo

Visayas: Lagundin, Tugas

Mindanao: Kalipapa-madam, Limpapa, Magupay, Molrei-oso, Sugarai


Lagundi is a shrub that grows to as tall as 5 meters. A shrub is described as somewhere between an herb and a tree. A shrub is a low, woody plant with several stems while a tree is a tall, woody plant with only one stem called “trunk.” A leaf of Lagundi is composed of 5 leaflets arranged like fingers in a hand. Lagundi is indicated or used primarily for the following:

1. To stop coughing, relieve asthma, and facilitate the discharge of phlegm.

2. To lower fever due too colds or flu.


Preparing the Lagundi Mixture (Decoction)

For cough, asthma, and fever, the steps in preparing Lagundi leaves as medication are the same.

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