Medicinal uses of pepper mint



The Yerba Buena plant is a creeping herb that rises to only 20 cm. (or 8 in.) from the ground. Its stems are fleshy or non-woody, and the leaves are coarse. This plant is also stronly aromatic. There is another creeping plant that is also called Yerba Buena. Known scientifically as Mentha arvensis L. and also commonly known as Poleo or Poliyo in some places, this non-medicinal Yerba Buena has narrower leaves and bears lilac flowers, while the medicinal Yerba Buena does not flower in the Philippines.

Yerba Buena is indicated or used primarily as pain reliever. The medical term for pain reliever is analgesic. As analgesic, it is effective for headaches, toothache, and pains caused by arthritis.

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