Jumong 2 – Kingdom of the winds

Jumong 2 – Kingdom of the winds

Well, this is the story of the grandson of Jumong. Currently it is showing in Korea and it have around 36 episode. And for those Jumong fans for sure you will love this because Song Il Gook will also be the main actor in this drama.Enjoy the clip and hopefully it will be shown in the Philippines.

Matt Harding Dancing Around the world video

[youtube zlfKdbWwruY]

Matt Harding is a former IT guy,  left  his career and started roaming the globe to take video  of his self dancing his patented move.

A bubble gum company have noticed his work and sponsored him. Thanks to Stride bubblegum his work is still on going and you could find video of him in the net dancing  in different countries and places.

Here are some of the country he visited:  auki, solomon islands ; sanaa, yemen ; ala archa gorge, kyrgztan; tagaytay, The philippines ; demilitarized zone, korea;Timbuktu Mali, Warsaw Poland ; Austin Texas; Tokyo japan; Poria Papua New Guinea, Miami Florida, Munich Germany; Tongatapu Tonga; Chicago Illinois; Thimphu bhutan; Gurgaon India; Sydney australia;  Lisbon Portugal; Seoul South Korea;  Soweto South Africa; New York New York; Vavau Tonga; Cape of Good Hope South Africa; Panama Canal Panama; Wadi Rum Jordan; Lemur Island madagascar; Auckland New Zealand; Batik Morrocco; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Mexico Mexico;  Brussels Belgium;  Taipei Taiwan; Rio de Janeiro Braizal; cologne Germany; Singapore; Tel aviv Israel;  East Jerusalem West Bank; Paris France; Montreal Quebec.

Inarex- Bed Massager

Inarex- Bed Massager

Inarex is a product from Korea that applies both principle of massaging/ accupressure and moxibustion. It have rollers that would massage one’s vertebrae and leg and also it have some heat producing element. This heat and accupressure combination helps promote better health and increase immunity of the body.

We all know that massage could give relief to some body aches. Its also stimulate good circulation in the body. It could also improves nervous system, improves metabolism and immune system functions.

Moxibustion is a traditional Korean medicine. If you are fond of korean drama like Dr. Heo then this is not new to you. To give you an idea, moxibustion is the use of mugwort to infuse energy or heat. The mugwort is shaped into a triangle (it looks like a kisses chocolate) and it is placed on the skin or on top of a sliced ginger then it is lighted to burn. The heat coming from this would penetrate the body. It is sometimes placed on a ginger to prevent scaring of the skin. In one episode of Dr. Heo, he even use it to cauterize a tumor in the body.

This product has been featured in different shows in the Philippines and many attest to the effectivity of the said product.