Kim Chui scandal

Kim Chui sex scandal

If you are looking for a Kim Chui’s sex scandal then sorry to say you can’t find it here.  And I do believe there is none.  I just use the heading “Kim Chui sex scandal” to make a social experiment. As we all know Kim Chui is a very promising star and one hot item.  Her show “Tayong Dalawa” is a consistent top rating so definitely people tend to search about her a lot. So, I am just wandering how many people would / like to see a Kim Chui sex scandal. Some might even type , “Kim Chui naked picture”, “Kim Chui sexy photo”

So, what is the mechanics of my Kim Chui Sex scandal social experiment? Well, every week , I would try to update this post. The update would include how many people were directed in my site looking for any thing related to a Kim Chui sex scandal.

So, as of today ( june 6, 2009) would be start of the count.

Zero search for Kim Chui Sex Scandal