Kim Chui scandal

Kim Chui sex scandal

If you are looking for a Kim Chui’s sex scandal then sorry to say you can’t find it here.  And I do believe there is none.  I just use the heading “Kim Chui sex scandal” to make a social experiment. As we all know Kim Chui is a very promising star and one hot item.  Her show “Tayong Dalawa” is a consistent top rating so definitely people tend to search about her a lot. So, I am just wandering how many people would / like to see a Kim Chui sex scandal. Some might even type , “Kim Chui naked picture”, “Kim Chui sexy photo”

So, what is the mechanics of my Kim Chui Sex scandal social experiment? Well, every week , I would try to update this post. The update would include how many people were directed in my site looking for any thing related to a Kim Chui sex scandal.

So, as of today ( june 6, 2009) would be start of the count.

Zero search for Kim Chui Sex Scandal

23 thoughts on “Kim Chui scandal”

  1. ……alam mo sa totoo lang…………….miz ko ang kimerald…………………..pero ok lang……guwapo si xian tas maganda ka…………perfect match

  2. if you think you can generate an audience with your malficence then this is not a medium for you. do something for the good of every one else..

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