How to make Decorative wax or novelty wax candle

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IF you want to make it a candle you just need to add a wick and it is now a candle. The above video is also about decorative wax by Martha Stewart and below is the old fashion way of doing the mold.

MOLD MAKING – Silicon rubber mold


Silicon rubber

modeling tools

ice cream cup




modeling clay

blade cutter

small basin

petroleum jelly


Plaster of paris

nylon brush


A. Preparation of one-sided silicon rubber mold

1. Prepare original model (preferably intricate designs such as animal figures, birds, fruits, etc.) and apply petroleum jelly to the surface of the model. Continue reading “How to make Decorative wax or novelty wax candle”

Candle Making Business (Mold type)

Candle is not anymore a seasonal business. You could find a variety of design and scent in different stores. Candles are now shaped as cartoon characters, buildings etc. Most candles today that we could find in department store are purely for decorative purpose and some are for aroma theraphy. Here is a simple article about candle making.

Things you need:

(Most are available in Divisoria)

Paraffin wax

Vegetable oil spry / separating medium / releasing agent

Two pan, one small, one big for water bath


Candle Mold

Measuring cup / beaker

Weighing scale

Laboratory thermometer

Mold sealer / clay

Basic Candle Making

  1. Prepare the water bath. Put water in the larger pan and put the smaller pan inside then heat it. The water should cover half the area of the submerged smaller pot.
  2. Prepare the amount of wax you need. To know the amount of wax you need, put water in the mold. Then, transfer it to a measuring cup / beaker. For every 3.5 ounces of water you need 3 ounces of wax. 1 pound of wax is equivalent to 19-20 ounces of wax. Clean the mold.
  3. Once you have determined the amount chip it into small pieces so it will melt easily. Be sure to add a little extra of wax (5-10%)
  4. Melt the wax. Be sure that you know the melting point of the wax and flashpoint.

Flashpoint is the temperature on which it would be combustible. You can look at the packaging for the flashpoint and melting point. Use the thermometer to monitor the temperature. Continue reading “Candle Making Business (Mold type)”