How to make Decorative wax or novelty wax candle

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IF you want to make it a candle you just need to add a wick and it is now a candle. The above video is also about decorative wax by Martha Stewart and below is the old fashion way of doing the mold.

MOLD MAKING – Silicon rubber mold


Silicon rubber

modeling tools

ice cream cup




modeling clay

blade cutter

small basin

petroleum jelly


Plaster of paris

nylon brush


A. Preparation of one-sided silicon rubber mold

1. Prepare original model (preferably intricate designs such as animal figures, birds, fruits, etc.) and apply petroleum jelly to the surface of the model.

2. Put clay barricade around the prepare model with ½ of an inch allowance in every side. Set aside.

3. Prepare enough mixture of silicon. (Ratio: 100 grams of silicon + 5 ml of catalyst)

4. Using a stick, apply first coating of silicon mixture evenly to the surface of the model. Use only half portion of the silicon mixture.

5. When the first coating is almost dried up, apply the other half portion of the silicon mixture on the first coating of silicon.

6. Set aside and wait until the silicon mixture hardens like a rubber band. This will take about 1 to 2 hours.

B. Preparation of plaster backing – using Plaster of Paris

7. Do not remove the clay barricade and model inside the silicon mold.

8. Prepare enough mixture of Plaster of Paris. (Ratio: 1 cup of water + 1½ cups of Plaster of Paris powder)

9. Sprinkle the Plaster of Paris into the container with water and let it stand for one to two minutes.

10. Stir until the mixture reach the consistency similar to that condensed milk or cream.

11. Pour and apply evenly the plaster mixture on top of silicon mold.

12. Wait for 6 minutes or until the plaster hardens.

13. Remove the clay barricade, then the plaster backing.

14. Invert the mold upside down and remove the model inside the silicon mold.

15. Trim with scissors the side of silicon rubber mold. Set aside for casting.

Moulding of decorative wax

1. Melt 4 kilos of paraffin, 200 grams of polyethylene wax and 200 grams of crystal wax.

2. Prepare the silicon rubber mold. Remove all the impurities.

3. Put the silicon rubber inside the backing.

4. Pour the melted wax mixture into rubber mold.

5. Wait for 15 minutes or until the wax mixture thoroughly dries and becomes hardened.

6. Remove the formed wax from the rubber mold and trim with knife.

7. Paint with oil color, and then spray with acrylic gloss lacquer to make the object shiny.

Source:ITDI, Techno pangkabuhayan

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