Google chrome

The browser wars will soon begin… Tomorrow September 2, 2008 USA time Google is lauching the beta release of the Google Chrome. It is an open source web browser on which some of its component are adopted from webkit, firefox etc..

And like firefox people can add functionality to it…

Let’s wait and see… If the hype is worth it…

Youtube live streaming


Youtube Live

Youtube is planning to do live streaming this year. According to them, they have been looking into this idea years ago but they do not have the capability back then. But because of google, now this idea is a reality.

Live streaming is not new but the idea to watch somebody 24 hours is like having Youtube as big brother of the entire planet. Just imagine how many copyright issue would youtube/google would face if some subscriber focus his camera on the TV or jack his cable to the video feed.

The world is getting smaller and entertainment business will just be a click away. By having a live stream anyone could have his webtv. If this will materialize it could the next big thing . It would revolutionize internet surfing like blogging did.