Flock web browser

My computer have four web browser and they are the following:

1. Internet explorer

2. Firefox

3. Safari

4. Flock

I have tried to use google chrome but for some strange reason i cannot make it run in my machine.

Well, anyway i was very satisfied with firefox until safari came. Safari is also fast and in terms of aesthetic it is far more pleasing to the eyes.  Safari is now my primary web browser,  unlike firefox, seldom I have experience crashes. Although, unlike Firefox,  Safari have little plug-ins useful for me.

Just yesterday, I have installed Flock. Well, I think it is faster than firefox and Safari,  more aesthetically pleasing  Safari. If i am not mistaken Flock have the same engine as firefox 3, the difference lies on the purpose. Flock is more of social web browser.

So, if you always go to social website then this browser is for you. Download it and try it….

Google chrome

The browser wars will soon begin… Tomorrow September 2, 2008 USA time Google is lauching the beta release of the Google Chrome. It is an open source web browser on which some of its component are adopted from webkit, firefox etc..

And like firefox people can add functionality to it…

Let’s wait and see… If the hype is worth it…