Study identifies Dynamics of Jackfruit Infestation

With a recorded 18 commercial and non-commercial uses, jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus lam. ) displays great export potential specially as the fruit is gaining increased popularity beyond Asian shores. The Department of Agriculture (DA) has made jackfruit one f its banner commodities, attesting to this fruit’s foreign earning generation capacity.

In Eastern Visayas, efforts are underway to commercialize this crop. But the full commercializiation of jackfruit, like other crops, encounter numerous problems which all result to low yields. Insect pest attack is the most predominant obstacle to the growth of the Industry in the said region. Jackfruit is considerably attacked by fruit fly (Bactrocera umbrosa Fabr.) during the fruiting period, according to Coronel (1979).
In any crop production scheme, crop protection is always crucial to prevent insect-pest infestations. Crop protection activities include: a0 pest indentification, b) population fluctuation, c) assessment of damaged done by the insect pests and d) understanding of some biological information of the insect pests ( life cycle, mortality, alternate host, and natural enemies attacking of insect pests.)
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