Scientific name:

Entada phaseoloides, Entada, pursaetha, Entada, scandens, Adenanthera gogo, Lens phaseoloides, Mimosa blancoana, mimosa entda, mimosa scandens.


Also known as:

Balonos, balugo, barugu, bayogo, dipai, gogong-bakai, gugo, gugu, kissing, lipai, tamayan.



Abdominal pain and colic- pound the kernels of the seeds , mix with oil and apply on affected area as poultice.

Counterirritant- make paste of the seeds and apply to glandular swellings in  the axilla, loins, and joints, and swollen hands and feet.

Hair wash – soak the prepared bark in water until soft, express the juice by rubbing the spread fibers against each other until lather is produced ; use as hair shampoo.


Active component:

Saponin , fixed oil, traces of alkaloid, sapogenin, oleanolic acid


Source: National formulary.