Organic Livestock and Poultry Farming

Organic Livestock and Poultry Farming


Here’s an in-depth look at the world of organic farming for both livestock and organic.

Organic farmers should promote animal well-being throughout the farm. This may be done by minimizing physical and psychological stress on the animals and reducing the incidence of disease. Also, when animals are not stressed, veterinary bills are reduced and meat tenderness is maintained.

Pain  and stress relief Conventional farming practices such as castrating, marking and mulesing, if it cannot be avoided, should be kept to a minimum.

Physical alternations should be provided as needed to promote the animal’s welfare and in a manner that reduces pain and stress. Anesthetics lidocaine and procaine are allowed to be used for pain reduction. Chlorohexidine is also allowed for surgical procedures conducted by a veterinarian, as well as a number of other topical disinfectants.

Also, stress during handling can be minimized by reducing noise and not rushing stock through gateways.

Animals also experience stress when in transport going to market and during slaughter. Stress must be minimized during this period. Slaughter must be done quickly and without unnecessary stress. Animals should not be placed in an area where slaughter of other animals can be seen.

Living conditions

The farm should have living conditions for animals such that their needs for free movement, food, water, shelter and shade are provided. Also, the farmer must be aware of the animals’ specific natural behavior patterns. Living conditions that accommodate the health and natural behavior of the animals should be provided. Continue reading “Organic Livestock and Poultry Farming”

Swine raising business / Hog Production Business

Swine raising business / Hog Production Business

Swine raising is an age old backyard business in the Philippines. Currently about 70% of the swine industry is composed of small raiser / backyard raisers. And way back 2004 the Philippines is in the top 20 countries in terms of sow population. It only shows how we Filipino love to eat pork. And swine raising is a good business or sideline to invest .

There are many breeds of swine in the Philippines, the most common are landrace, largewhite, pietrain and duroc.

Landrace are good sows. They are white in color and have slender, long body and an ears that are drooping. They produce good litters and they are also good milkers. Sometimes they have weak legs.

Largewhite are also good sow/mother. They are more rounded and have ears which are erect. They are also white and in color.

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