Swine raising business / Hog Production Business

Swine raising business / Hog Production Business

Swine raising is an age old backyard business in the Philippines. Currently about 70% of the swine industry is composed of small raiser / backyard raisers. And way back 2004 the Philippines is in the top 20 countries in terms of sow population. It only shows how we Filipino love to eat pork. And swine raising is a good business or sideline to invest .

There are many breeds of swine in the Philippines, the most common are landrace, largewhite, pietrain and duroc.

Landrace are good sows. They are white in color and have slender, long body and an ears that are drooping. They produce good litters and they are also good milkers. Sometimes they have weak legs.

Largewhite are also good sow/mother. They are more rounded and have ears which are erect. They are also white and in color.

Pietrain is primarily use as a boar. It is white in color with black spot. It have huge body. Masculine in nature and very lean. It has an erect ears. This breed is prone to stress and sometimes if there its to much stress it could die due to heart attacks.

Duroc’s color would range from brown to mahogany red. It is very masculine and aggressive. It has a good feed conversion ratio and also adapt well in rugged area/ condition.

Swine Business could be fattening only, breeding/piglet production, or breeding to fattening.

Fattening = Here a farmer buys a piglet which is around 30-45 days, the animal is already eating solid foods and not milk dependent, and the weight would be around 7.5-10 kgs. The farmer will then care for it for 4 months or 85 kgs before selling it. The usually income would be 10-20% of total investment.

Breeding/Piglet production= The farmer focus is on it’s sow. To give further idea in this business, a pig would reach maturity around 5-8 months of age. And when it reach it’s 2-3 heat or at 110-120 kgs she could then be breed. The pregnancy would last 114 days. The sow would farrow (manganganak) 2 times a year and it’s litter will then be sold when it reach around 30-45 days or 7.5 kg -10 kg. On average a sow would give birth to 10 piglets above.

Breeding-fattening= This is the mix of the two system and the most ideal type of swine raising.

To learn more about swine raising you could visit pinoyagribusiness.

They have extensive materials/ knowledge about swine raising not only theoretical but actual hands-on experience.

picture taken from :ansi.oklahoma.edu

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