Salt peter for mango flowering

Salt peter for mango flowering


Potassium Nitrate (KNO3), induces flowering of the mango tree even out of season. This is

effective if the buds are plentiful and the leaves are brittle and dark green.


Formula for spraying:

10 grams potassium nitrate for every liter of water

Or 200 grams (KNO3) for every can (kerosene can) water


The tree will bear fruit from the 7-14 days spraying. If no flowers come, spray again.

If rains after spraying, or the tree does not flower after 15 days, repeat the spraying.

If the flowers are abundant but damaged by the leaf hoppers, spray again after 47-54 days.

Potassium nitrate that is not pure is dangerous to the plant. Avoid using this if there is no

assurance that the KNO3 is pure.


It is also necessary to get permission from the authorities to use this fertilizer. If permission is

not given, use any of the commercial flower inducers like:

Agriblum, Rebloom, Manovit, Mangotone, Miracle blum, Flower Set.



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