Romantic Island

Romantic island

Romantic island’s story that evolves in 3 different love story. Their vacation in the beautiful island of Boracay, Philippines is a way of escaping their problem.

 Jae Hyuk , a successful career person who was abandoned by his father when he was still a child.  He headed to Manila upon receiving a call that his father passed away.  Soo jin, an office girl who wants to travel the world and first in her agenda is travelling to Boracay, Philippines.  She spent all her money for this vacation.  Lee jhun hwan, a bum for so long despite a good education. Jhun hwan was invited by a friend to have a vacation in the Philippines. In the airport Jhun whan met Yu ga yong, a pop star in Korea. Yu ga yong, cannot handle the pressure in work so she went awol from her manager and went to Boracay, Philippines. Park Joong shik  lost all their savings in stocks and above that he have a brain tumor. He and her wife went to Boracay, Philippines not for a vacation, as her wife think so but to plan his death. Upon his death her wife will be the receipt of her insurance.

They say that what ever happen in Boracy stay at Boracay.  But for the people involved in the story what ever happened in Boracay continued to Korea.

Well, the movie was really filmed in Boracay, Philippines. First evidence, in the taxi scene you could see a billboard of Jollibee. Okay, Jollibee is now a global product, so it is possible that there are billboards of Jollibee aboard. Let’s go to the second evidence, remember the airplane joke that you would know you are in the Philippines if you lost your rolex watch once you put your hands outside the airplanes window. A similar situation happen in the movie,  Jhun hwan is counting his money when a motorcycle pass by and instantly his money was gone… hehehe.  Third evidence, the hotel that they are in is the Regency Boracay. Fourth evidence,  the party song is OTSO-OTSO.




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