Anti-cyber boso bill

Due to the katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes, Brazilian model and Hayden Kho scandals porn related Blogs and Forums are mostly down or temporarily unavailable.  If not down or unavailable they are now invitation only site.  They are trying to protect their site and sources and hope things would subside and they can be back in business again.  Good luck for those sites that put watermarks. Could the situation would lead to another “boybastos” situation. Bloggers which will be apprehended because of pornography.  Is freedom of expression being violated? Or it just another political propaganda by a certain senator?


Personally the “anti-cyber boso bill” is long overdue. The sad part is  it was neglected by the congress and the senate. They are only pushing it now because a celebrity is involved. It only shows that our congress and senate is the representative of the wealthy and famous.


How many times these kind of incident happened and yet our government did not make any solid move to stop or deter others from doing it again.


Well, like they said it pays being rich and famous.



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