Pinocchio Korean Drama

A Pinocchio is a fictional syndrome in the series on which manifested as a person who will hiccupped nonstop upon stating a lie and will not stop to do so unless otherwise he/she corrected the lie that he/she had made.

Pinocchio kdrama picture
In Ha is a Pinocchio who aspires to be a report like her mother Song Cha Ok of MSC news . The parents of In Ha went into a divorce and she was separated with her mother and lived with her father in an far flung island.
Ki Ha Myeong is an intelligent kid, his father is a fireman who was accused of negligence causing the death of his fellow firemen. All of the bodies of the firemen was found except for Ki Ha myeong ‘s father which was used by Song Cha Ok to accuse Ki Ha myeong’s father of running away and guilty of a crime. Soon after both Ki Ha Myeong and his mother committed suicide by jumping into the ocean, fortunately Ki Ha Myeong survive and by twist of faith was adopted by In Ha’s grandfather in the assumption that Ki Ha Myeong was his dead son from 30 years ago, Dal Po.

Pinocchio korean drama pic
Would Ki Ha Myeong fall in love to In Ha the daughter of Song Cha Ok the person that was responsible for the tragedy that struck his family. Would In Ha be a reporter despite her condition as a Pinocchio.

Pinocchio series
In Ha is played by Park Shin Hye while Dal po/ Ki Ha Myeong was played by Lee Jong Suk..
Park Shin Hye last series was “The Heirs “ with Lee Min Ho while Lee Jong Suk last series was “Doctor Stranger” with Jin Se-Yeon.

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