Smart LTE Plan review

Last September I availed the Smart LTE plan 999/ data plan 999. I was enticed to avail the plan because of the bundled Xiaomi 3. The phone is great as i expected and you can read about it by clicking this link Xiaomi 3 review.
As per the speed of my smart post-paid plan at first I was really satisfied with the service of smart. I can watch youtube videos without buffering, loading of web pages are quick etc.. My speed on average is around 300-500 K/s or according to some it is equivalent to 2.4 to 4 mbps. Well, that was the honeymoon stage of my smart data post paid plan. Just after two months like any other married couple we started to struggle, fight each other, and curse my data plan. Most of the time my speed is below 10 K/s. If I would make a summary on average on a 8 hours time frame I would only get 3 hours of good connection or in a much simpler analogy it would take around 3-4 minutes before a simple html page will load. This is worst than a dial up connection (i know, i am old, for sure most of you reading this don’t even know what is a dial up connection).

Like what they always say if you want a reliable internet connection don’t subscribe to wireless technology like wimax, 4g, etc… it is just a waste of money . Better go with wired service like PLDT it is much stable compared with wireless but i am not saying it is hassle free , from time to time wired connection do encounter some problems but compared to wireless it is minimal.

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