Peanut Franchise

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My father’s usual pasalubong  is peanuts / mani.  He will always say to us that mani would sharpen our brain.  Well, I don’t know whether this is true or not but surprisingly I have I never had a failing grade. Possible that it is genetic and enhanced by the tons of peanut I have engulfed.  

We Filipino love mani in general, whether hubad na mani or not.  Remember the commercial isang platitong mani by San Miguel beer?  According to survey that time, mani is the best companion of beer, hence the “isang platitong mani commercial”.

Today, peanuts are being sold in the street, bus, terminals, and even malls. Few years back mani is exclusively a street food. But today, more and more business that is dealing with peanuts is sprouting in malls.

One example of which is Peanut World, it started in 1996 and now currently  into franchising with 10 stores franchised and 22 store company owned.  Their products includes: adobo skin, adobo skinless, greaseless peanuts, super garlic, spicy adobe , mixed nuts, pop bean, cashew nuts, chicharon, roasted skin, cracker nuts, sung-sung, adobong bawang and butong pakwan

Here is some info about Peanut World Franchise Package

Total investment is 200,000 pesos , inclusive of the following;

Franchise fee

Use of the operations manual

Use of Marks, logo, trade name, etc



Training of personnel

Initial operating capital

Employee’s uniform

Intitial inventory



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