Rice in a box franchise

In a society that is always on the run most of the time we don’t have time to cook for ourselves.  Most of the time we eat in canteens, karienderya, fast food etc..  Another innovation in the  food business is the Rice in box concept.  The viand is mixed with the rice which is in a fancy box.  The price is very affordable which range from 35 pesos up.  Usually you could find this kind of stalls near LRT, MRT, Schools and areas with huge human traffic.


If you want to venture in this kind of business and you want a tried and tested formula then buy a franchise.  One franchise you could try is RBX  rice in a box, products include chow fan with varieties like ham and bacon, chicken chorizo, seafood bagoong, beef mushroom; teppanyaki with varieties  like boneless chicken, beef teriyaki, pork barbeque, mixed seafood ; noodles with varieties like chicken , beef, la paz batchoy and seafoods.  Store type would range from stall, cart, kiosk and mini diner depending on your budget and location.


Here are some information about RBX rice in a box , this was taken from their site:


The RBX advantage

No royalty fees

A proven system of operation

An automatic reputation and customer base

Easy to operate

Low space requirement (4 sqm)

Low investment requirement completely equipped to start the business outright-starting from 300,000 (price depends on space size and store type)


Franchise package


Construction of the store

1 unit 8 cu.ft. chest freezer

1 unit 30-cup rice cooker

1 unit rice warmer

2 units griddle

Initial stocks worth 3,000

Cooking utensils

Training (3 service crew + owner)

3 sets of service crew uniform


For more info go there site at rbx.com.ph


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