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Washing Dirty clothes is not only time consuming but requires a lot of energy. Removing stubborn dirt and stains is no joke. In our fast pace world where everyone is so busy trying to make a living there is almost always no time left any more for doing one’s laundry. Nothing But Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services is out to make life a lot easier for individuals always on the go. But a large bulk of Nothing But Laundry’s clientele consists of businesses such as spas, salons, and fitness clubs.

Nothing But Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services opened its first shop at the Ground Floor Parc Plaza, 183 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Quezon City last April of 2003.

In a short span of time Nothing But Laundry has built a good reputation in the industry and has already gained the trust and loyalty of a sizeable number of clients, which include Fitness clubs, Spas and Salons.

Lite Package

The NOTHING BUT LAUNDRY lite franchise services from their outlet their direct neighborhood only. Only walk-in clients are serviced.

Franchise Fee : Php 200,000.00 Inclusive of : Use of Trade Name Site Approval Training for Franchisee and staff Procurement program Opening Assistance Use of Operations Manual Research & Development Initial Term : 5 years Renewal term : 5 years

Plant Package

The NOTHING BUT LAUNDRY Plant franchise operates a bigger plant and services Commercial clients and picks-up and delivers laundry and is awarded a territory.

Franchise Fee :
Php 400,000.00
inclusive of : Use of Trade Name, Site approval, Training for franchisee and staff, Procurement program , Marketing assistance Operating assistance, Use of Operations Manual research & Development.

Initial term : 6 years


Frequently asked question:

What’s the difference between a Nothing But Laundry Lite and a Nothing But Laundry Plant franchise?
Under a Nothing But Laundry Lite Franchise we understand an outlet, which shall be located in a Condominium or Corporate building, which serves the neighborhood with laundry service. By a Nothing But Laundry Plant Franchise, we understand that Franchisee operates a bigger facility and serves Corporate clients as well – with such he gets a bigger territory to pick up and deliver from clients.

To whom do you award the Nothing But Laundry Franchises?
To people with preferably a successful professional track record with emphasis on people handling skills. Franchisee should be motivated to succeed and be outgoing person with entrepreneurial spirit. It is important that Franchisee accepts the pros and cons of Franchising.

How long will it take to get the Nothing But Laundry Franchise open?
This depends on several variables; selecting a favorable location for your facility, completing training and renovation. Under favorable conditions though, you may be able to be in business in 60 days.

Will Nothing But Laundry provide the site and construction of the outlet?
Each Franchisee is responsible for securing his own location. All potential sites must be submitted for approval. Construction and renovation is entirely at the expense of the Franchisee with Franchisors supervision.

What pre-opening services do you offer?
Prior to and upon opening, a Nothing But Laundry representative will assist you with ordering equipment and arranging the Outlet Opening.

What about Training and Manual?
Absolutely. Nothing But Laundry has spent a great time and effort developing its services and system, and accepts no compromise in quality control. For this reason, we require Franchisee and staff to complete our training program. Our confidential Operations Manual details the Nothing But Laundry system on every aspect of daily operation in your outlet.

source:rkfranchise .com

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