Red Ninja Dimsum – Franchise

Dimsum is a Chinese cuisine which range from different light dishes. Because the Philippine culture is also mixed with Chinese influence no wonder you could find such Food carts which specializes in this food category.

If you want to go into food business why not try Red Ninja Dimsum. Currently, Red Ninja is offering franchise.

Here are some info about Red Ninja Dimsum Franchise.

Red Ninja Dimsum Gold Cart Franchise: Php 148, 888.00

-Use of Trade Name and Logo
-Use of Business System
-Heavy Duty Stainless Cart with Cabinet
-Spotlighted Sticker-Sintra Menu
-Lighted Company Signage
-Heavy Duty Stainless Siopao Warmer
-Stainless Round Steamer
-Commercialized Deep Fryer
-Acrylic Juice Dispenser
-Working Table
-Product Tags
-Food Pan
-(1) Thong
-(2) Staff Uniform
-Initial Product Inventory (Php 1,000 worth)
-Marketing Collaterals
-Banner Tarp
-Menu Tarp
-Banner Stand
-Comprehensive Personnel Training
-Post-opening Assistance
-Opening Assistance
-Operations Manual
-Notarized Franchise Contract  Continue reading “Red Ninja Dimsum – Franchise”

Pansit Malabon franchise

Pansit equals long life.

Filipino love pansit so for sure this business is a sure hit. Pansit Malabon is offering franchising option for those who want to go into this businees. Here are some details taken from their site:

who can be a franchisee:

1. Hands on owner/manager

2. Aggressive, determined, focused.

3. Strong belief in the business and its product

4. People who really mean business.

Easy steps towards having Pansit Malabon Franchise

1. Submit a letter of intent

2. Fill up franchise application form

3. Submit location/vicinity map of target site

4. Payment of franchise fee and contract signing

5. Orientation and training program

6. Orientation and training program

7. Store/outle set-up/construction/opening

Franchise term

3 years renewable after every three years fora total of nine years.

Franchise Package Inclusion

1. Use of Name,  Logo, Trademarks

2 Pansit malabon Operation manual

3. training of personnel

4. Marketing and management consultancy

5. Advertising and Promotion support

6. Site evaluation and analysis assistance

7. well Defined territorial coverage

8. Menu development assistance

9. Additional profit generating products and service

Type of Franchise

1. Cart/booth – Min space: 5 sqm., franchise fee 200k, Estimated investment 350k

2. Kiosk- Min space: 50 sqm, franchise fee 350k, Estimated investment 700k

3 Dine in – Min space:50 sqm above, franchise fee 600k, estimated investment 2.3-3 million

For updates  check their site:

Ministop Franchise

Ministop Franchise

During the 90’s the only convenient store I known is 7-11 but today consumers have another option and that is Ministop. Ministop is under Robinson or the Gokongwei’s. This store is so popular that even my niece who is 3 years old is a frequent visitor of Ministop. Take note, it is my niece who is asking us to bring her to Ministop.

Currently Ministop is offering franchising option. Below are some info taken from their site:

Since it opened its doors to the Philippines in December 2000, MINISTOP has always envisioned becoming the leader in the convenience store industry. MINISTOP has made its presence felt by being the community’s warmest and friendliest modern combo store. It takes pride in its wide range of quality products, at affordable prices and value-added service.
The commitment to a customer-focused management has given MINISTOP a competitive edge not only in Japan but also in the Philippines. MINISTOP has been continuously expanding to service the Filipino consumer needs in the Metro Manila area. Continue reading “Ministop Franchise”

Pan de Pidro -Bakery Franchise

Pan De Pidro’s

Company Profile.

The fast-pace mode of living in urban areas has caused a considerable shift in the preference of families towards bread products., read are satisfying and are readily available, which “liberates” busy people from having to prepare elaborate meals and snacks.

However most traditional bakeries operating in small communities do not offer attractive breads products forcing customers, who are on the lookout for quality baked goodies, to try the relatively expensive alternative: breads sol at groceries and supermarkets.

It is for this reason that Gilie Sing established Pan de Pidro, a bakery that is a cross between a traditional bakery and a regular bakeshop. Like a traditional pan de coco, ensaymada, cinnamon rolls and similar local products. As a bakeshop, the quality of its products is well above the “masa” variety and may already be categorized as specialty baked goodies. But the bottom-line is that Pan de Pidro’s quality products are always offered at prices that are well appreciated by the value-consious middle and lower-middle income groups.

Pan de Pidro is now a household name within the community called Barangay Vergara in Mandaluyong City, where it all started. Now, through nationwide franchising, Pan de Pidro hopes to bring this enhanced concept of bread-making to every community in the country.

Mission statement

We envision Pan de Pidro as a source of both traditional bread staples and alternative bread products offered at value for money prices.

Vision statement

Pan de Pidro shall be known as a major brand of bread products and shall be made available to a wide range of consumers through various marketing channels.

Franchise Information:

Bakeshop Franchise

You produce and bake all kinds of authorized Pan de Pidro items and retail them in your shop. Besides that, you are allowed to open smaller retail outlets and supply other franchised retail outlets with your baked goods. Your initial investment is higher, as you need all the baking facilities installed in your bakeshop. However, your margins are also higher compared to the retail outlets. You purchase the baking pre-mix ingredients from us. As you are a production facility, you have to pay a small royalty.


Franchise Fee: Php 250,000

Franchise inclusion: Use of business name and other proprietary marks. Training for the franchisee and staff. Procurement program. Marketing assistance. Opening assistance. Operations manual. Research and development.

Royalty: 2%

Initial term: 5years.

Minimum space requirement: 50 square meters.

Total capital requirements: Php 800,000



Retail Outlet franchise

The bread items are delivered from the nearest Pan de Pidro Bakeshop to you. Certain breads are supplied as finished product; others prepared and just needs baking in the retail outlet. The margins are therefore smaller compared to the bakeshop facilities but the investment is lower as well. There are no royalties to be paid for retail outlets.


Franchise fee: Php 100,000

Franchise inclusion: Use of business name and other proprietary marks. Training for the franchisee and staff. Procurement program. Marketing assistance. Opening assistance. Operations manual. Research and development.

Royalty: none

Initial term: 4 years.

Minimum space requirement: 12 square meters.

Total capital requirements: Php 400,000