Ipil ipil as herbal medicine


Scientific names: Leucaena  leucocephala, Leucaena glaua, Acacia glauca,

Also known as:

Agho, aghog, ipel, kabahero, kariskis, kompokompitis, loiloi, santa Elena


Parts used: Dried leaves.



Anthelmintic- for ascaris and trichina.

Adults: take 1 teaspoon of powdered dried seeds, either alone or mixed with condensed milk and follow it up with ½ glass of water. The preparation should be taken 2 hours afeter a meal, as a single dose. Repeat the dose after 1 week if the first one was not effective.

Children: 7-8 years old ½ to ½ teaspoon. 10-12 years old ½ -2/3 teaspoon.

Adverse reaction- stomach ache and diarrhea.


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