Ikmo herbal medicine


Scientific name:

Piper betle, Piper anisodorum, Piper anisumolens, piper bathycarpum, piper blancoi, piper canaliculatum, piper carnistylum, piper chavica, piper philippinense, piper puberulinodum, piper siriboa, chavica betle, chavica siribioa.


Also known as:

Betel, betel leaf pepper, buyo, buyo-anis, buyo-buyo, buyog, buyu gaoed, gaued, gauod, gok, ikmong-iloko, itmo, kanisi, mamin, mammon, samat.



Gas pain – spread oil on leaf, warm, and apply on abdomen.


Volatile oil, chavicol, betelphenol, eugenol, alllyl pyrocatechin, terpene, cineol, caryophyllene, cadinene, methone.


Source: national formulary.

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