How to slaughter a carabao

Slaughter of carabao


  1. Bathe the animal all over to remove adhering dirts.
  2. Tie the animal to a post or a ring in the floor.
  3. Stun the animal. Stunning may be done by hitting at the intersection of two diagonal lines connecting the eyes and the bases of the horns with a sledge hammer or captive bolt. If a matador is used it is done in the intersection of a line midway between the horns and line joining the midpoint of the ears. After stunning, severe the point over the brisket toward the jaw then insert the sticking knife in front of the brisket at a 40 degrees angle. Severe the jugular vein and carotid arteries for a thorough bleeding. To collect the blood easily , form a pouch over the skin o the brisket where incision is made.
  4. After bleeding, shackle the animal and lift it by a mechanical hoist to a skinning cradle where the skin is partially flayed. Remove the feet and cut the breast into halves.
  5. From the skinning cradle, transfer the carcass to the meat rail where flaying is completed and the head is cut at the atlantooccipital  joint.
  6. To remove the visceral organs, cut through the pelvic bone to the region of the breast bone. An ax maybe used in cutting. Avoid puncturing the intestine and the stomach.
  7. Separate the edible from the inedible parts of the entrails. The viscera are inspected on the tripe stand after the contents are removed. Offals are placed in a buggy and taken to the tripery for cleaning, preparation and dispatching.
  8. Split the carcass by cutting through the middle vertebral column. Wash and trim thoroughly the carcass. Hang the carcass on the hanging rail to drip.
  9. Quarter the carcass on the side between the last two ribs.
  10. Weigh brand the carcass and have a meat inspection certificate issued for dispatching.
  11. If the carcass isnot for immediate disposal, chill overnight at a temperature of about 2 to 4 degrees Celsius.

Source: Phil Recommends for carabao production, 1978

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