How to download flappy bird?

Due to the sudden popularity of flappy bird and  how it ruined the simple life of its creator Dong Nguyen, he pulled the plug on it. It is now deleted on Google play store. Luckily or unluckily i am fortunate enough to have downloaded it before it’s deletion.

Due to the sudden decision of it’s creator to delete the Flappy bird app the more it becomes popular and increased its value.  In other countries some users are selling their phones with the flappy bird app installed  for a huge sum of money, others are selling the app or flappy bird apk itself.

Some “good samaritan” uploaded the flappy bird apk in torrents sites you just need to download it and install in your phone. Others uploaded it in to sharing sites etc..

Just by typing flappy bird torrent into your search engine you can find a lot of sites that hosts the said file but always remember that by downloading it you are compromising the security of your computer so download it at your own risk.

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