Hello Garci…

Well ang isyung sumikat as a ringtone. Halos ilang taon na rin ang lumipas nang ang isyu na ito ay naipalabas sa mga pahayagan, TV , at radyo. Wala atang oppisyal ng pamahalaan ang naparusahan at ilang issue pa ang nanganak.Ang masasabi ko lang: Ang maliit, malupit kumapit.

—————————- First segment of Probe episode that aired on October 20, 2005

Probe investigates into the alleged cheating that happened in Lanao. From the controversial Garci tapes and the testimony of General Gudani and Col. Balutan, Probe travels to Lanao to hear it straight from the people. Were the elections rigged in Lanao in favor of President Arroyo last May 2004? The people of Lanao say yes!

Interviews from Judge Moner and some election operators actually say that they made several trips around the ARMM region, paying-off officials to rig the elections. Another town is outraged when they found out that in their election returns, FPJ got zero votes. This is impossible, they say, they voted for FPJ.

Epilogue: Probe was called to the Senate to present this segment and the evidence Probe got. Judge Moner also retracted his previous statement.

Source:probe tv

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