Duhat herbal medicine


Scientific name: Syzygium cumini, Calyptranthes jambolana, Eugenia cumini, Eugenia djouat, Eugenia jambolana, Myrtus cumini, Syszgium jambolana.


Also known as: Black plum, duat, dungboi, duwet, java plum, lomboi, longboi, lungboi.

Fruit and bark as the parts usually used in herbal preparation.



Diarrhea- eat liberally fleshy portion of fruit.

Gum inflammation or gingivitis- use 1% decoction of bark as mouth wash or as gargle.

Wounds – use decoction of bark as astringent wash.

Active component:

Gallic acid 1.67%, tannin 19%, volatile oil 0.05%, fat 0.37%, antimellin, jambulol, olein, linolein, palmitin, stearin, phytosterin, myricryl, alcohol, hentriacontane.


Source: National formulary

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