Dita herbal medicine


Scientific name:

Alstonia scholaris, Echites scholaris, Nerium tinctorium


Also known as: Alipauen, alstonia, andarayan, Australian fever bark, Australian quinine bark, bita, bitter bark, dalipauen, devils tree, dirita, ditaa, dilupaon, lava, lipauen, milky pine, oplai, pasuit, polai, tanitan, tangitang, white cheese wood.


Use bark for herbal preparation.


Boil- Apply milky latex as poultice over affected area.

Chronic diarrhea- take 1% decoction of bark as tea.

Fever- take 1% decoction of bark as tea.

Malaria- take 5% decoction of bark as tea.

Caution:  stop intake of decoction when there is vomiting, ringing of ears, or blurring of vision.


Active component:

Alkaloids- ditamine, 0.02-0.04% , echitenine, echitamine, 0.13.

Bitter principle- ditamin (uncyrstallizable bitter substance) , 2.0%


Source:national formulary

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