Cherry mobile m30 review

cherry mobile m30,cherry mobile m30

Cherry Mobile M30

Cherry mobile M30 is analog TV phone and this phone has the same functionality as most china phone. The TV reception is good outdoor but once you use it indoor the reception becomes blurry unlike the other cherry mobile phone. The FM radio has the same reception problem as the tv function. So, word of advice, when tuning the TV and FM radio do it outdoor. In this manner you could be sure that most station will be included in the memory of the phone. The camera is decent but not magnificent.  There is also video recording function but if you want to use it for your scandals or other merry making activities you would be disappointed. Watching the recorded video is like watching a slow-motion movie. The Cherry Mobile M30 phone has also MP3 playing capability and audio recording. The audio is good and clear. There is also an micro sd slot so you could play tons of mp3 and record audio and video . Cherry mobile M30 has two built in games, the puzzle and fruit.  I love the Fruit game it is kinda new two me. Keypads is a bit sluggish/ slow reacting. Cherry mobile m30 is also is a dual standby sim. The current price of Cherry mobile m30 (November 3, 2010) is around  3,000 pesos.

So my verdict, due to its price and functionality it is a good buy. I have it and loving it.

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  1. it’s a bit disappointing that this phone does not perform good and it’s slow in almost everything. pinoy phone na nga low quality pa 🙁

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