Dilaw herbal medicine


Scientific names:

Curcuma longa, Curcuma domestica, curcuma xanthorrhiza naves.


Also known as:

Angai, dulau, kalabaga, kalauag, kinamboi, kulalo, kulyau, kunig, kunik, kuning, lampuyang, lauag, long turmeric, luyang dilaw, luyang dilau, pangas, parak, round turmeric, salampauyan, turmeric.

Part used:



Indication and direction for use:

Antiseptic for wounds- Crush rhizome and apply on lesion.

Gas pain (tympanism) in adults – take decoction of the rhizome  as tea.

Condiments and coloring agent for foods.



Volatile oil, turnerol, d-alpha phellandrene, carvone, camphor, curcumone, fat, starch, resin, curcumin.


Source:National formulary

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