DTC android phone – GT3 astroid review

dtc gt3 android phone


DTC android phone  – GT3 astroid review

I bought this DTC GT3 astroid phone on a sale in SM. I bought it for around 3,500 pesos and I do believe it is a bargain. Below are the specs of the DTC GT3 astroid using the app “quick info”:

Device: DTC_GT

Model: GT9326

Internal storage: 152 mb

System storage: 288 mb

Memory: 213 mb

Processor: ARMv6-comptible processor rev 7 634.06 MHZ

Sensor : 8 sensor present

Android version :2.3.4

Screen resolution: 3.5 inch ,  320 x 40,  dpi 160,  32 bit

Hardware: mt6573

Manufacturer: wittis, china

Other features : dual sim, dual camera – back camera 5mp.

What I love about this phone is the 5 mp camera and wi-fi connectivity.

The camera is very decent although problem will arise if you use  it in dark places, the flash is not that powerful enough to expose the subject well.

Wi-fi connectivity is solid , can connect  fast and browse . I have tested it side by side with Sony Xperia x10 mini pro and in terms of wi-fi connectivity my  DTC GT3 astroid  loads better and faster.

As a gaming device, it can run the basic games like angry bird, fruit ninja, devil ninja 2, panda run. I tried jetpack joyride by halfbrick but from time to time it lags but it is playable.

If you want an android phone for just 3,500 pesos then this is the right phone for you. I think this is the best  android phone for the 3,500 pesos category. By the way when you buy this phone they have also an extra battery included and 2 gb sd card.

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