DTC android phone – GT3 astroid review

dtc gt3 android phone


DTC android phone  – GT3 astroid review

I bought this DTC GT3 astroid phone on a sale in SM. I bought it for around 3,500 pesos and I do believe it is a bargain. Below are the specs of the DTC GT3 astroid using the app “quick info”:

Device: DTC_GT

Model: GT9326

Internal storage: 152 mb

System storage: 288 mb

Memory: 213 mb

Processor: ARMv6-comptible processor rev 7 634.06 MHZ

Sensor : 8 sensor present

Android version :2.3.4

Screen resolution: 3.5 inch ,  320 x 40,  dpi 160,  32 bit

Hardware: mt6573

Manufacturer: wittis, china

Other features : dual sim, dual camera – back camera 5mp.

What I love about this phone is the 5 mp camera and wi-fi connectivity. Continue reading “DTC android phone – GT3 astroid review”