Clare R. Baltazar – Filipino Scientist

Clare R. Baltazar- Filipino Scientist


Dr. Baltazar has consistently maintained outstandingly high standards of achievement throughout her academic life. Her numerous publications on Philippine insects especially on the Philippine Hymenoptera are very significant to science for they lay the groundwork for future biological control in the Philippines. Her book Philippine Insects is the first authoritative text on Philippine insects. Other important contributions of Dr. Baltazar to science are the discoveries of 8 and one subgenus of Hymenoptera and 108 new species of the Philippine parasitic wasps.


For these achievement, Dr. Baltazar is well recognized here and abroad. In 1980, she received the Rizal Pro Patria Award in entomology.

source: Directory of academicians and outstanding young scientists

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  1. ano ba yan
    ang ontionti naman nan
    pwede poh ba bang pahabain para marami ang malalaman me!
    thankyou poh!!!

  2. as you could see they are the pioneers n their field. They have discovered new species of insects. That for itself is an achievement na hindi basta basta nagagawa nang kung sino lang. Just naming a new insect would take time, you need to know what phylum it belong, what characteristic it have that distinguishes it from other insect eetc. etc

  3. i think the book is not available in bookstore but STII library in DOST have a copy. Pwede nila ito ipaxerox mismo sa STII meron silang mga xerox machine dun 1 peso per page nga lang

  4. ang haba hirap isulat sa notebok pero maganda …. hirap kac mag summarry ehhhh……………………………….. by;Ross Angelo

  5. anu ba educational backround ne2??? by:paul.II-Deutronomy..astEG.?

  6. dba biologist c clare??? anu ba educational backround nya…reply pls! i nid it! cant find it!…By: paul II-Deutronomy.AzTeg!

  7. Clare Baltazar
    Born November 1 1927

    B.S.A (entomology) U.P. 1947
    M.S. economic entomology University of Wisconsin, 1950
    Ph D Systematic Entomology University of Wisconsin 1957

  8. Ala na bang iba pwede mabilhan ng book nya?
    Kelangan ko kasi ung book nya
    Wala ba sa UP?
    Sa DOST lang talaga?

  9. discoveries of 8 and one subgenus of Hymenoptera and 108 new species of the Philippine parasitic wasps.

  10. what are the 8 genera and 1 subgenus of Hymenoptera, and 108 species of Philippine parasitic wasps? can you enumerate them?

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  12. ang habaaa… pero ok lang kesa a walang maisulat sa project!!!!! sino sino pa po yung mga famous scientist ????? ———– jasmine remegio

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