Cauliflower, considered as the aristocrat of the cabbage family, is exacting and delicate in its climatic requirements. It is grown in the country for its white tender head formed by the shortened and thickened parts of the flower called the curds. These curds are made into salad, either alone or in combination with other vegetables, and in the preparation of pickles.

The locally grown varieties of cauliflower include the Snowball grown in Baguio and along its mountain trails where suitable conditions are found. Early Patna and Early Market are cultivated both in highlands and in the lowlands.

How to plant

Soak seeds in water overnight to induce quick germination. Sow in  seedbeds. When the seedlings have attained a height of about 15cm transplant to plots each measuring about a meter wide. Set the seedlings 25cm apart in rows spaced about 40 cm. Mulching is recommended for faster growth. Cultivate with shallow spikes to kill the weeds and to loosen the soil.

Irrigate to keep the soil cool and moist. The use of compost or organic fertilizer is recommended. To harvest, cut with a sharp knife at the base.


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