AIDS cases on the rise

In the recent infomercial of the Department of Health around every hour 1 case of HIV is recorded, although i think they tried to bloat it a bit to factor those cases which are not recorded or reported. As per a news article on Philippine daily inquirer dated April 12, 2015 as of last year’s data (2014) there are  6,011 new cases of HIV reported nationwide or about 500 cases per month or around 17 cases per day. In their report it says that from 1984-2015 around 79% of the recorded HIV infected cases were transmitted by males who had unprotected sex with other males.

At first glance , i told myself it is the gays fault why aids is rampant in the Philippines. But analyzing it further,  the data did not said that all of those 79% are gay. It is possible out of that 79% , 39.5% are gay and 39.5 % are straight men. Unlike in other countries here in the Philippines gay men chooses straight men as their partner. In other countries it could be gay-straight or gay- gay partner.

So, before we rebuked the gay community please be mindful that AIDS does not choose  it’s victim regardless whether your straight, gay, lesbian , bi or transgender it is a global problem and currently it is a huge health problem in the Philippines.

Knowledge, awareness and discipline is what we need to protect us from this virus.

AIDS is a disease, not a stigma…

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