Things you need to make a raspberry arcade

I have a raspberry pi b and i would like to make an arcade out of it.

After researching the net on how to make an arcade console using raspberry pi here are the things i bought or need for this project:

Raspberry pi b or better Raspberry pi 2

USB arcade stick or usb controller

keyboard -for initial set up

hdmi connector or 3.5 to rca jack

8 gig micro sd

5 volt 2000 mah power supply

TV with 1080i if you will be using hdmi connector,or any tv with rca video and audio connector if you will use the 3.5 jack.

Original¬†¬† game cartridge whether for nintendo, sega etc… as per intellectual property right you can only have a copy of the game if you bought or own an original cartridge game.

Router, computer and lan cable for transfer of file or data rom.

I will post here next time the detailed tutorial

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