Pearl Farming / Pearl Culture

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Pearl Farming / Pearl Culture

Pearl farming is an expensive yet lucrative business. In this line of business you need a lot of patience and money. It might take around 2-3 years before the first pearl harvest. In the Philippines you could find pearl farms in Palawan and Mindanao area.

The market side of the business is always there but you need to produce quality pearl. To be able to produce quality pearl you need to have a reliable source of oyster, a suitable suite (no pollution), sufficient fund and a good technician.

Pearly oyster are typically found in the tropic, it is members of the class bivalvia under the phylum mollusca. Commonly they feed on small algae . Continue reading “Pearl Farming / Pearl Culture”

Hello Garci…

Well ang isyung sumikat as a ringtone. Halos ilang taon na rin ang lumipas nang ang isyu na ito ay naipalabas sa mga pahayagan, TV , at radyo. Wala atang oppisyal ng pamahalaan ang naparusahan at ilang issue pa ang nanganak.Ang masasabi ko lang: Ang maliit, malupit kumapit. Continue reading “Hello Garci…”