Alta Vista de Boracay

Welcome to Alta Vista de Boracay


A stay at Alta Vista de Boracay provides guests a sense of privacy as well as other experiences not possible on other destinations in the island. Located on a four – hectare prime property on the hillside, its elevation presents a breath-taking, postcard-pretty view of the surrounding sea and mountains regardless of where one is.

Combining first class comfort with casual elegance, and attentive personalized service.

Alta Vista de Boracay is located on Boracay Island, a leading tourist destination in the Philippines and home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The island is also known for its pulsating nightlife, with its karaoke and open-air bars, restaurants, discos, and parties.

Contact : (02) 403 2672



Encore PCI TV Tuner

Encore PCI TV Tuner

I used to have a jetway tuner. It served me for around 5 years.  Until a few months ago it has said its final farewell.  I have to move on and choose another TV tuner. I search a lot of store from villman, silicon valley, CD R king etc. One product caught my attention in CD-R king, it is the Encore ENLTV PCI TV Tuner.  The tuner is by far the cheapest of the TV tuners I have seen. The cost is only around 880 pesos and functionality wise it have the same features as the other products I have seen.

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Neo Vivid 1103 review

Neo Vivid 1103 review

 I bought this netbook / laptop a few months ago and I would say it is pretty decent for its price.  The price of the laptop is 15,995 with free sleeve and laptop cooler.  The operating system included is Windows XP and a trial edition of Microsoft office 2007. The hardware is composed of an Intel Aton N270, Intel chipset GSE945, Memory 1 GB DDR2, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950, 8.9 inch LCD, 160 GB SATA hard disk, lan, wlan, 3 in 1 card reader, 1,3 megapixel camera and a 3 cell lithium-ion battery. At this first, I have trouble booting up the Neo Vivid 1103 netbook. There are times it would hung up on me and will just freeze. So, I have to remove the battery and put it back just to reboot it. But after I have updated the OS Windows XP I have never experience it again.


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