Things you need to make a raspberry arcade

I have a raspberry pi b and i would like to make an arcade out of it.

After researching the net on how to make an arcade console using raspberry pi here are the things i bought or need for this project:

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Samsung washing machine wa10f4 not starting

I bought a Samsung  wa10f4   2 years ago, what entices me to bought this product is the fact its body is made of plastic compared to the conventional metal body. Usually metal bodied washing machine succumb to rust which makes the machine wobbly and later on it would damage the motor .

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OLX no more feedback system

When ever i use OLX and find an item that i like i would usually check the feedback system to prevent myself being scammed. If the person have a lot of good feedback then it is a possibility that the seller is legit.  I also check if these feedbacks are legit. If the seller and the account of the person which is doing a feedback was created within the same month then i assume the seller is in a gray area. It is a possibility that the seller is also the one making a feedback on his/her account. So far due to the feedback system I was never scammed in OLX. Continue reading “OLX no more feedback system”